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The application Graphical Arterial Blood Gas (Graphic ABG)is now available on the Apple Store.

Arterial blood gases (ABG) plotting helps you to understand and evaluate patient Gas Exchange and Acid-Base status.

This is possible by means of an integrated reading of arterial carbon dioxide blood pressure (PaCO2), arterial oxygen blood pressure (PaO2) and pH with two graphs: PaCO2 vs PaO2 plot and PaCO2 vs pH plot.

  • The PaCO2-PaO2 plot allows the assessment of the patient gas exchange status, by means of the computation of the alveolararterial oxygen gradient (P(A-a)O2) and P/F ratio.
  • The PaCO2-pH plot is based on the original Schwartzs nomogram. It gives you immediate information on acid-base status and allows to graphically display the trend of the patients multiple evaluations.
  • For more exhaustive information on metabolic disorders, the anion gap (AG) can be calculated with an intuitive visual method.
  • Serial evaluations of both Gas Exchange and Acid-Base balances can be saved and are available on a table.
  • A detailed diagnosis of the Acid-Base disorder is provided according to the Acid-Base balance and Sodium and Chloride values.
  • For each Acid-Base disorder a list of potential causes is provided.
  • Your personal evaluations can be saved on a patients list.
  • In the settings tab, you can choose the unit of measure for O2 and CO2 partial pressure (i.e., mmHg vs kPa).

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